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cskazaam's Journal

>>> Shin-Ra Electric Power Company ID #: 58955

Thanks to mein_requiem for letting me use this!^^

Thanks to amanechan for letting me use this!^^

Hi, and welcome to my journal! I'll use this mainly to post stories I've written, since I've been wanting to get other opinions to help me improve. I hope you take a look!

I also have an account on deviantArt for my artwork. Check it out! You'll find some of my characters and other drawings there, and if you like Final Fantasy VII, there may be a nice surprise for you. http://cskazaam.deviantart.com/

* * * * * Kaze's Corner * * * * *

I felt that I finally needed a list of my stories so they're easier to find. So what follows is exactly that, in chronological order, rather than by date of post. Not that you need to read them that way; I believe each story can be read as a stand-alone.

Storm Winds

The Wind and the Werewolf: Star Mirror and True Sight

Youkai Busters: First Encounter

One Hundred Year Interlude: Smile! You're on Camera